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Ingrid Tarrant - In an article on the subject of smacking - Daily Mirror, June 23 2004, pages 16/17 - the British journalist and TV presenter said: "I was smacked as a child for being disobediant. It was never on the face, only on the bottom."

*Ida Lupino - British born American actress. Reference: Ida Lupino: a biography, 1996, Uncle Barry often had the task of disciplining his niece. Ida was spanked for dyeing her hair blonde and for refusing to wear long dresses. Secretly, Uncle Barry admired her plucky personality, which made her the center of attention.

Jayne Mansfield - In her biography, Here They Are: Jane Mansfield, the American model & Hollywood actress mentioned on several occasions being spanked by her mother for misbehaviour growing up.

Here They Are: Jayne Mansfield

Page 18:
"Even when she (Jayne's mother) spanked me she always kissed me and told me she was sorry."  

Page 19: 
(Jayne) spoke of a spanking her mother had once given her when she was a young schoolgirl. She had made the mistake of telling (her mother) Vera to 'Shut up'.
  "She gave me about twenty spanks for that. But mama never spanked me enough. Discipline is important to raising children. I deserved everything I got. All the punishment and spankings."

Page 21:
She felt wronged when she was punished for something her cousin had done. He had picked some green apples and thrown them down from the tree to Jayne, who claimed not to know they were not supposed to be doing that. It was explained graphically to her by means of a spanking that it was wrong to be an "accessory".

Jade Goody - In her biography "Jade" the popular British TV personality, 3rd in Big Brother 3 (UK), said she was spanked by her mother for misbehaviour growing up, and particularly recalls a hard belting she got which left her bottom so sore she could barely sit down for a couple of days.

Jennifer Cole - On the Howard Stern show, the American model/TV presenter explained a time at her catholic school when she had to bend over and was given two swats of the paddle by a female teacher which `hurt pretty bad`.

Jenny Jones - In the American talk show host`s autobiography - Jenny Jones: My Story - she explains how she would be punished with a belt by her father when she misbehaved growing up.

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Julie Walters - On the Clive Anderson chat show the British actress admitted being `beaten` by nuns in her schooldays. Julie was telling Anderson how the nuns at her school reacted to her northern accent and at the same time she was holding out her hand and acting out taking some whacks on it. Anderson asked her: "So you were beaten by nuns?" Julie replied: "Yes." Julie later attended Holly Lodge grammar school and according to one of my site contributors she was caned on the backside. Julie was eventually expelled from Holly Lodge.

In an article in The Sunday Mercury, Birmingham, England, January 30 2005, it was mentioned that Julie was caned at her strict catholic school in Birmingham, England.

Text from article:

Julie Walters goes back to school this week, for a drama which brought back memories of her own education.

And not all of them were pleasant. She hated the private, convent-run primary school in Edgbaston, where she was caned by the nuns.

Judy Finnigan - During an interview on the British TV presenter`s daily chat show with husband Richard Madeley, Guest, singer Melanie Brown, mentioned "getting a crack" from her mother when she misbehaved. Madeley replied by saying he used to "get a crack" as well, and looked at Finnigan and said: "and you were hit with a belt wasn`t you," looking slightly uncomfortable she said: "it has been known yes."

Joanna Lumley - In her memoirs, Stare Back And Smile, the British actress recalling her childhood, mentioned that she and a friend once cut off their fringes with a pair of scissors, and she got her bottom smacked for it but her friend didn`t.

Joan Crawford - In a book called, Marilyn`s Men, The Private Life of Marilyn Monroe, there was a brief mention that during the childhood of Lucille LeSueur (Joan Crawford, American actress) she had to scrub the floor, wash the dishes and was beaten with a broomstick by the school`s headmistress.

In a book called, Joan Crawford, The Last Word, it was mentioned that Lucille (Joan Crawford) was often caned by her mother. And in the same book it said that at her private school, Rockingham Academy, she had to wash, clean, and scrub the floors, and if her work was considered unsatisfactory she was flogged.

Joan Bakewell - In a magazine article about the British TV presenter it was mentioned that when she misbehaved while growing up her mother spanked her with a hairbrush or a slipper. She also wrote in a newspaper article about a time she was taken across her mother`s knee and received a bare bottom spanking with a slipper.

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In an article in the Daily Mail, 13th September, 2003, the following text appeared: (Talking about Joan`s Mother) She would smack her daughter without warning. Joan remembers being beaten with a slipper over her mother`s knee.

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Jackie-Kennedy-Onassis - In the book, Jaqueline Bouvier An Intamate Memoir, it was stated that the former American First Lady was often spanked and at times severely by her mother Janet.

Jerry Hall - In a Sunday newspaper magazine article, the American model/actress said that she was spanked by her father with the buckle end of his belt, but said it was often unjustified and went too far, and was one of the main reasons she left home at the earliest opportunity at 16.

Jessica Alba - In an interview on the MSNBC website, Sept 23, 2005, the American actress, talking about her role in the movie "Into the Blue?" where she appears in a skimpy swimsuit said her traditional Catholic parents Cathy and Mark might not approve of her showing so much flesh.

"I wasn't allowed to wear a bathing suit in the house when I was a kid," Jessica explained. "I would get spanked and they would be like, 'Put your clothes on' … not like a bad spanking but my grandma would get the fly swatter and make us get our clothes on."

Jolin Tsai - On a biographical page about the Taiwanese singer on the Wikipedia website (www.wikipedia.org) it was described how her mother encouraged/pushed the young Jolin to do well in her education, placing her in the top three in every class, but one. The one exception, a tenth position, was not tolerated by her mother who caned her for not preparing properly.

Reference: Wikipedia

Though Jolin was introverted and shy as a child, her mother realized early on that Jolin was of scholarly material, so her mother brought her to attend Japanese-style mathematics lessons, which she completed more rapidly than anyone expected she would. During her primary school years, her excellent scores meant that she failed to rank in the top three of her class only once, a class in which she placed tenth. As a punishment for being too complacent in her test preparation, she was caned by her mother. Eventually, her scholastic abilities enabled her to enroll at some of the highest ranking schools in Taiwan, including Jingmei Girls High School and later, Fu Jen Catholic University.

Kelly McGillis - In an article about the American actress, The Washington Post, October 29, 1989, it mentioned how the "high-strung" young Kelly was occasionally spanked by her father, Donald.

Koo Stark - The British model/actress was given an otk hand spanking, aged 14, by her father, Wilbur, after a battle of wills turned to foul language, and Wilbur decided what his teenaged daughter needed was discipline.

Right: Koo Stark - spank otk by father at 14

The Mirror (London, England)
Date: August 21, 1996

Wilbur described before his death the battles of wills between father and daughter, and how the divorce had traumatically affected Koo. It was only when Koo was 14 that they got to know each other well. "One day I received a telephone call from my ex-wife and she told me: `In ten days' time you're getting Koo," Wilbur said then.

"But when she arrived in London, after all those years growing up with her mother, she was full of anger.

"She'd obviously been brought up to believe I was a bastard.

"The first thing she said was: 'You're not my father. You're not going to change me.'

"But one day she used a vile word. I told her: '`I'm your father. I don't know if I can change you, but I won't allow language like that in my house'.

"`It was very rough for the first two days, so finally when she was screaming and yelling, I took her over my knee and spanked her and said: '`It's time you had some discipline'."

Kim Woodburn - The star of Channel 4 series, How Clean Is Your House?, received corporal punishment at home and at school. In her biography, Unbeaten: The Story Of My Brutal Childhood, she describes the "beatings" she received at home from her father who it appears would lose his temper and lash out rather indiscriminately, and also describes her time at strict RC convent school, Nazareth House, where poor performance in class would result in a ferocious lash across the hands with a stick.

Kim also talks about a senior girl who`d been adopted by the school as a baby and was now very much a favourite among the teaching staff. The senior girl was given a free reign over the younger girls, like a prefect, and would often smack their bottoms whenever she saw fit, and for "serious" misdemeanours she would thrash their bare bottoms with a stick.

Kate Hudson - In a Q&A interview on the iVillage website, the American actress, and daughter of famous actress Goldie Hawn, said she was occasionally spanked when growing up. She said: "I grew up in a house where I got spanked every once in a while. I was disciplined. At the same time, I was completely free to be my own person, and to dress in my own clothes, and to be naked, if I wanted to. My parents were very open about sex. We didn't really hide much in our family. I think I'll probably be very similar."

Katherine Hepburn - The American actress was spanked by her parents when she misbehaved growing up. On the life.com website, an excerpt from the book, Katharine Hepburn: 1907-2003 A Special Celebration of a Great American Life, stated the following - for all their liberal ways, the Hepburn parents believed in physical discipline. "Were we spanked?" Hepburn once said with pride. "Beaten."

The American movie legend was spanked by her father for misbehaviour growing up, until apparently, she figured out how to stop the punishments by taking them without crying.

Time Magazine: Monday September 1, 1952

The Hepburn Story

In the rapt and rambling Hepburn household, no one ever changed the subject when young Kate came into the room: she heard all there was to hear. But freedom had its limits. When his children's squabbles got beyond the control of reason, Dr. Hepburn whacked them all impartially. Kate was spanked until she was nine, when she figured out how to stop the spankings: by taking them without crying.

Kaye Adams - On a daytime chat show, the Scottish TV presenter recalled being spanked by her parents while growing up. She commented: "There are great parents out there who have smacked, and my mum and dad. I did get smacked on the very odd occasion and I wouldn`t say `it never did me any harm`, but I always knew why it was happening and therefore it didn`t do me any harm because it was done fairly. (shifting in her seat) "And it was very sore as well." (joking) "I`ve grown up to quite like that."

Kajol - The Bollywood actress was spanked with a variety of implements by her mother Tanuja when she misbehaved growing up. She told the dailymailnews.com website: "I was the most spanked kid at home. My mother has horrifying memories of beating me up with badminton racquets, plates and whatever she could lay her hands on!"

And her mother told the screenindia.com website: "I must have spanked her with everything I could lay my hands on, - from a book to a badminton racquet!"

Dame Kiri te Kanawa - In the classical musician`s biography it was mentioned that while growing up her mother, Nell, would administer physical punishments for serious misbehaviour with a large wooden spoon or a belt.

Kirsten Dunst - The American actress was spanked/smacked with a wooden spoon by her grandmother when she misbehaved growing up.

In Esquire magazine (British Edition, June 2004, page 112) Kirsten, talking about her film production company Wooden Spoon Productions, said: "It's called Wooden Spoon Productions because my grandmother used to keep me and my brother in line with wooden spoons when we were younger."

Kathleen Battle - In an article in the Tri-State Defender, June 25 1997, the American classical musician said she was "Often spanked" by her mother growing up.

Text from Tri-State Defender, June 25 1997

Kathleen Battle.... and when she was good...

I was such an incorrigible child. My mother, Jennie Stratton Dobbins often spanked me, but not before she preached to me the story of the little girl who, "when she was good, she was very good; but when she was bad, she was horrid!!".

Lauren Burns - The Australian Olympic gold medalist at Taekwondo, was caned by her coach in Korea when she under performed in training. In an article on ABC Online (Australian Story), she describes the time when she trailed in at the back during a training run, and her coach instructed her to lay face down on the floor, and he administered ten strokes with a bamboo cane to her backside.

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Lauryn Williams - The American Olympic 100m Silver Medallist from Athens 2004 was spanked when she misbehaved growing up. In an interview with her father David Williams, The Mercury News, August 21, 2004, he said: "She's been a special child since birth. You know, she's only been spanked three times in her life."

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LeAnn Rimes - In the May 2001 issue of Texas Monthly magazine there is an article by Skip Hollandsworth about American singer Leann Rimes which mentions that her father Wilbur spanked her with a belt. The only dispute is the reason she was punished. Here is the quote: "Nor did the rough-around-the edges Wilbur, who often would stop whatever he was doing to shoot a stream of tobacco juice into a paper cup, pamper his daughter the way other stage parents did. LeAnn has told many people that he sometimes spanked her with a belt if she tried to avoid rehearsing with him. He heatedly denies this, telling me in his letter that he spanked LeAnn only "for mouthing off and being extremely disrespectful, mostly to her mother."

Latoya Jackson - In her biography the American singer mentions being spanked while growing up, she also mentions the use of a switch.

Lindsey Coulson - During a domestic argument with her husband, Phil, the British actress threw an orange at him and tried to wreck his mountain bike. Phil eventually decided things had gone too far and put lindsey over his knee and spanked her backside.

Lucie Arnaz - In an article in Women`s Day Magazine, March 5, 1991, Desi Arnaz Jr was talking about the upbringing he and his sister actress Lucie had from their mother, the famous American actress Lucille Ball, and said: "Mom tried to pass on the solid values she had learned from her own mother, "You're not special because you're famous," she said. If we broke the rules we got spanked, grounded or sent to our rooms."

Lynn Redgrave - In an article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 12 1996, it was mentioned that the British actress was spanked by her father, actor Michael Redgrave.

The particular reference mentioned was a young Lynn being spanked by her father for crying when his dog knocked her over. This may appear to be a harsh reason, but does suggest that Mr. Redgrave was a spanker.

(Lynn & Parents)

Lady Lucan - Lady Veronica Lucan was caned by her husband, the myseriously disappeared Lord Lucan.

She`s said to have told her former nanny, Stefanja Sawicka, how he had beaten her with a cane.

Lady Lucan described how her husband: "Instructed me to bend over a chair and he would methodically beat me with a stick with the end cut off and bandaged with elastoplast. I would receive six or ten measured strokes which left me badly bruised." - Lady Lucan

Linda Fiorentino - In an interview in the Chicago Sun-Times, November 29, 1994, the gorgeous American actress, talking of her days at her strict RC convent school, recalled receiving corporal punishment by spanking with the paddle.

Fiorentino Shows Nervy Side in `Seduction'
Author: James Ryan   
Date: November 25, 1994
Publication: Chicago Sun-Times
Page: 38

"If you even whispered in class you got spanked with the big wooden `board of education,' as they called it," she remembers.

"Maybe with roles like this I'm still rebelling against all their efforts to turn me into a good little girl."

Lucy Liu - The gorgeous Chinese-American actress was spanked for misbehaviour growing up. During an interview on, The View, January 4, 2007, talking about her childhood one of the presenters said: "I bet you were never spanked as a child! Were you ever spanked?" Lucy replied to the presenters & guests: "Who thinks I was spanked? hand up." before revealing: "I was spanked."

Maxene Andrews - In the book, The Andrews Sisters: A Biography & Career Record, it explains how the famous American performing sisters were strictly raised by their parents, Peter & Olga, which included no dating or parties in their high school years, and on page 18 touched on an occasion when Maxene and friend, Gladys, were caught playing football with some neighbourhood lads, for which Maxene was punished by her father with the razor strap. Apparently Maxene was the only one of the sisters who was punished in this way.

Marion Davies - In the book, Marion Davies; A Biography, it mentions how the American movie actress was strictly raised and spanked for misbehaviour by her father with a razor strop.

Marion Davies; A Biography, page 18

It was an unpermissive era and Marion`s backside had stung from Papa Ben`s razor strop more than once.

Madonna - The American singer/actress mentioned being spanked by her stepmother in her diaries of the filming of Evita, printed in Vanity Fair magazine, November 1996. Talking of waiting to film the famous balcony scene she wrote - The fact they are making me wait is torture. It reminds me of when I was a little girl and I`d get into some sort of silly trouble and my stepmother would give me a wooden spoon and tell me to go upstairs and wait in her room with the door closed and she would come up and spank me later.

In an article about her childrens` book, The English Roses, in The Times Magazine, 13th September, 2003, the following text appeared - She also writes, rather less cosily, about her stepmother regularly presenting her with a wooden spoon with which she would later be spanked.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal - In an article in Jane Magazine, September 2002, the American actress, while doing research for her role in the movie, Secretary, in which she`s dominated and spanked by her screen boss, was said to have watched an S&M movie as she hadn`t been spanked since she was growing up.

Dame Maggie Smith - In her Biography, A Bright Particular Star, it describes how the legendary British actress was strictly raised by her parents, especially her father who would administer bare bottom spankings with a leather belt for misbehaviour.

Mary McCarthy - In a book called, When They Were Kids, there was a mention that the American writer was spanked with a hairbrush or razor strop by her uncle while growing up at home. Also in an article in The New York Times, the following was mentioned about punishments in Mary`s childhood years with her Aunt & Uncle in Minneapolis - The children were made to stand outdoors for three hours at a time in the snow, and they were regularly thrashed with a razor strop; Miss McCarthy recalled being beaten in one instance for receiving a school prize, lest she become ''stuck up.''

Melanie Brown - In her biography, Catch a Fire, the British singer talks of the strict West Indian upbringing she had from her father. She explains how he suddenly went from being easygoing to a strict disciplinarian, and the two reasons he gave. One, that her mother was too soft with her, and two, that if he didn`t discipline her she`d end up hanging around street corners smoking fags and kissing boys. Melanie said her mother would apply an instant smack when she misbehaved, but her father would tell her she`d done wrong, and give her a time and place, sometimes days ahead, when she`d be punished. She goes on to explain the ritualistic and atmospheric aspect to her punishments, how she`d walk into a quiet room, bend over, and be spanked by her father with his hand or a belt. Her father would sometimes give her a double punishment and count aloud the spanks if she`d misbehaved twice that week. She also describes the nervy days building up to her punishments, and how she would wake each day feeling edgy and thinking - three days to go, two days to go, and so on.

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Michelle Pfeiffer - In an article in The Sunday Mirror Magazine, December 1 1996, the American actress mentioned that sometimes she would skip school and go down to the beach and when her father found out he would spank her for it.

(Enter for Magazine Article)

Mijanou Bardot - The French actress and her older sister, movie legend Brigitte, were caned by their parents when they misbehaved growing up. The two of them received harsh canings from their father when they broke a valuable vase of their mother`s while playing. Sister Brigitte said in a biography by Glenys Roberts that she was often caned, so it seems highly likely her sister Mijanou was too.

Maureen O`Hara - According to a tabloid article scan sent to SF&R - from a 1970s issue of The National Enquirer - which appears to be genuine, the Irish-American actress recalls being spanked both at home and school growing up, and appears to support the sensible use of corporal punishment by both parents and teachers. She is quoted as saying: `There was no sparing of the rod in my family`, and Maureen, born in Dublin and the oldest of six children, said that her father applied discipline with his razor strop on occasions, and said of the strict catholic schools she attended in Ireland: `We got whacked` by the nuns when they misbehaved.

Maureen was spanked at home when she misbehaved growing up. On page 11 of her memoir, Tis Herself, she said in her household you could be : "Disciplined with the strap when it was deserved".

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Margaret O`Brien - In a Q&A with the American actress on the Classic Images Website, Margaret O`Brien, The MGM Years, An Interview by Allan Ellenberger, the following question and answer was featured, (AE): Were there any other interesting things that happened on location? (MO): Sylvan S. Simon directed the picture, and one day I got into a fist fight with his daughter who was working as an extra. That was the only fist fight I ever got into as a kid. We got into some disagreement - I forget what it was about - and our parents pulled us away. I got a spanking, and she got sent to a boarding school when she got home (laughs). Then years later we became real good friends, and she turned out to be one of the sweetest girls I ever met.

Martina Navratilova - The Czech/American former world number one tennis player admitted in her biography that while growing up, when she was very bad, her father would put her over his knee and spank her, and sometimes he used a ruler. She recalls her two biggest spankings, one for going to her friend`s house after school without telling her parents and arriving home late when it was dark, for which she mentions being spanked very hard. And another for calling one of her neighbours a cow. She also mentions that her mother sometimes smacked her but commented: "She hurt her hand more than my butt."

Miriam Yeung - In an article on the Miriam Yeung Singapore Official Fanclub website (www.miriamyeung-sg.com), it mentions how the Chinese singer/actress was often caned by her father when she misbehaved growing up.

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Marsha Hunt - The American actress/singer/novelist, recalls in her biography being punished at school with a ruler. She mentions having to hold out her hands and being whacked on her palms by a nun for punching a boy who tried to kiss her in the playground. And one day when she walked into a class and down the aisle to her seat, the priest warned her that she was `switching,` this meaning that he thought she was rolling her behind from side to side. The priest then told her to walk down the aisle again, and after she did-so he said that she was still doing it. She was then told to come to the front and asked to hold out her hands and was whacked on the palms with a ruler in front of the entire class.

Mercy Johnson - In an article on Nollywood Entertainment Online, August 16, 2010, the Nigerian actress recalled being "flogged" at school for her rather scruffy appearance. Caning is still widely used in Nigerian schools.

Nova Peris - In an article in The Age (http://www.theage.com.au), the Australian Olympic Gold Medallist (Hockey, Atlanta 1996) recalled frequent spankings with a belt growing up from her disciplinarian stepfather "Chappy". The beltings were common, and hard, making her bottom sore and sitting down difficult, and Nova particularly recalls a long hard belting she received as a rebellious 15yo after being caught skipping school.

The Age: March 30 2003

When Peris was six, her mother and Chappy married. He was a tough man, a rigid disciplinarian who hated "laziness and untidiness". He ran a tight ship, rousing the girls in the morning with a blast on his bugle and donning a white glove to inspect their cleaning efforts.

Chappy had seen action with the navy in Vietnam before joining the police force in Darwin. His experiences "progressively toughened and hardened him", according to Peris, and this hardness spilled over into domestic life. Beltings with a leather strap were common.

At 15, Peris rebelled. She began to wag school, but was soon caught. Chappy's response was predictable. "I got belted, absolutely belted," she says. "It seemed as if Chappy just strapped and strapped me." Some days her backside was so sore from the beatings she was forced to kneel at school rather than sit.

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Naomi Judd - In her book, Love Can Build a Bridge, The American singer/songwriter said: Page 14

I had all A's but nonetheless got a spanking for this bad behavior mark....
Daddy didn't have to use the
belt on me very often, because I loved to learn.

Oprah Winfrey - The American chat show host has mentioned in a book, a newspaper article, and on her show that she was often spanked on her behind with a switch by her grandmother while growing up.

Peta Wilson - In a magazine interview, the Australian actress recalled receiving corporal punishment at school. She said: "I went to a Catholic girls school and I used to get whipped and it wasn`t fun."

In a 1999 interview with American host, Conan O`Brian, Peta told of a time she was spanked in front of the entire school of 600 students in an assembly. (Enter for Text)

In a 1997 interview with Jay Leno, Peta told a similiar story of public chastisement at school, explaining how she was "Given a Lashing" in front of 600 students. (Enter for Text)

Picabo Street - In an article on the Idaho Statesman website, and in her book, Picabo: Nothing to Hide, the American international skier recalled being spanked by her father while growing up. She said: "When I got into trouble, I had to pick my own piece of wood and hand it to Dad. Then I'd stand with my toes on this line in the kitchen, bend over, touch my toes, and get whacked."

(Enter for Biography Text) / (Enter for Biography Scan) / (Picabo With Parents)

Poppy Montgomery - The Australian actress was caned at her private school in Australia, but not it would seem in the conventional way. In the April 2005 issue of Stuff Magazine Poppy admitted to being a rebel at school and giving cheek to teachers, which resulted in her expulsion from six private schools, and receiving a thrashing from one teacher across her backside with a feather duster, some of which are made from bamboo cane. So not a conventional school cane, but a bamboo duster would have had very similar results.

(Enter for Poppy Pictures)

Piper Laurie - In a Photoplay Magazine article, November, 1955, the American actress said of her father: "He is a strict disciplinarian. I think his means of discipline gave me a sense of values I would never have had otherwise. His ways of showing me how to discipline myself have helped me to take what ever success I may have attained and not let it throw me. Even now, if I ever get carried away, he's there to level me off. I had my share of spankings, but I never regretted any. I can't ever recall once being spanked when I thought I was being unjustly punished."

Petula Clark - In the British singer/actress` biography, it mentions an incident as a child when she was "soundly spanked" by her mother after being caught harpooning pickled onions from a jar with a knitting needle she had stolen.

Princesses of Monaco - Caroline and Stephanie were stricly raised by their parents and a strict British governess. An article in the Daily Mail, 1st April, 2003, told how their mother Princess Grace spanked them into their teens when they misbehaved.

(Enter for Article Text)

Preity Zinta - The Indian actress was spanked by her mother for misbehaviour growing up.

The Telegraph, Calcutta, India

Thursday, May 4, 2006

At home, we never witnessed any problems or arguments. There was a very congenial environment at home while I was growing up. I was never treated as dumb. My opinions and views mattered to my parents. Because I was so naughty, my mother used to spank me quite a lot.

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