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Ruby Wax - On the American TV presenter`s show called, Ruby, she mentioned during a discussion that she was spanked on her backside with the bristled side of a hairbrush growing up. Also in her book, Ruby Wax, How Do You Want Me? she mentions how her father would punish her with a hairbrush or a belt when she misbehaved, but did suggest that from her point of view those and other punishments occasionally went beyond reasonable chastisement.

Reba McEntire - On the Roseanne chat show, the American country singer talked of her growing up years in southern USA, and she spoke about her strict father, and that if you misbehaved you would "Get your butt busted or reprimanded." Roseanne replied "You were beaten with a bullwhip or something." Reba replied "We had a buggy whip."

In her autobiography - Reba My Story - Reba explains on pages 26/27 how her strict father, Clark Vincent McEntire, would get out a buggy whip and lash her backside with it when she misbehaved.

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Rhona Cameron - In her biography, Nineteen-Seventy-Nine - A Big Year in a Small Town, the Scottish comedienne mentions (page 19) being summoned to a local gang leader as a teenager for "breaking a rule" and being whipped with a tree branch stripped with a penknife. She also explains (page 50) that her father was a believer in corporal punishment, and when she misbehaved he would take her pants down, put her across his knee, and spank her bare bottom hard with his hand, which she said left pink welts and hand-prints on her "arse".

During a discussion about youth behaviour on Loose Women, ITV UK, August, 2005, Rhona spoke out in favour of corporal punishment at home and school, and said she believed in teachers administering a "Harsh caning" to pupils who misbehaved and believed in the belt (tawse), which she recalled receiving. She said that when she was at school in Scotland they were so scared of getting the belt that they thought twice about misbehaving, and when you did get it it was so sore you wouldn`t do it again.

*Samantha Fox - According to an interview on the website, retrojunk.com, the British model, singer, tv presenter said she was "caned" on her first day at her secondary RC school, actually referring to being whacked on the back of the legs with a meter ruler, for chewing gum.

Shania Twain - In the December 2002 issue of Redbook Magazine, the Canadian singer talks about the discipline applied in her household when she was growing up, and said it was not unusual to "get a slap" or "get the belt". Shania expressed a balanced view on the issue of physical punishment, and suggested it`s the context of it that`s important.

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Shania Twain: The Biography

2005, Page 55

Family discipline was imposed in a rough and traditional manner by Jerry and his belt. "In our house it was nothing to get a slap for something," recalls Shania matter-of-factly. "Personally, I don`t think there was anything wrong with it. We all went back to our room crying, but we weren`t devestated; we did not need therapy for having the belt." Sometimes Jerry did overreact. "Parents can go out of control," she says. "There were times when my dad definately used too many straps, too hard."

In her book, From This Moment On, 2011, Shania recalls her and her sisters getting "the belt on the bum" from their father when they misbehaved growing up, and the varying degrees of severity for more serious misdemeanours, adding that she always regarded her father as a fair disciplinarian.

She also mentions her mother whipping her with a cord for misbehaviour.

Sophie Ellis-Bexter - In an article on the subject of smacking - Daily Mirror, June 23 2004, pages 16/17 - the British singer`s mother, Janet Ellis, said: "I have smacked Sophie and my other two on rare occasions. If I did smack them, it would be for the last in a long line of trivial things they`d done wrong."

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Shirley Temple - The famous American child star actress admitted in her biography that as a child she had to bend over and bare her behind and her mother spanked her with a wooden yardstick. She also commented: "That was the first spanking she gave me but certainly not the last." Shirley also recalls in the biography her spanking in the film, Wee Willie Winkie. On the film set when the directors were wondering what to do next, Shirley`s watching mother suggested: "Why don`t you get her spanked? Even I`ve spanked Shirley."

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Sarah Miles - In her book called, Right Royal Bastard, the British actress explains that she received regular spankings from her mother with an antique silver hairbrush. She also mentions how it burned long after the spanking had finished and that her mother once spanked her so hard that she bent the handle of the hairbrush. After that she said that her mother replaced that brush with a sturdier wooden one.

Samantha Morton - In an article in The Sun, 29th June 2002, the British actress mentioned being spanked by her father when growing up, she said: "It hurt at first when I got the belt or the slipper, but then I learnt to block it out, he was hitting me but not hurting me. In an article in the Daily Mail, February 19th 2000, it stated that she grew up in various foster homes from the age of 11 and she said: "There was a German family that used to hit us with a wooden spoon if we didn`t say grace in German correctly. I didn`t care about the spoon because my dad used to give me the belt."

Susannah York - The British actress received corporal punishment for misbehaviour at Marr College, Troon, Scotland in the 1950s. In the Times Educational Supplement (TES - May 2005) and an article in the Daily Mail (June 1 2005) she fondly recalls her Latin Master, Mr. Gow, who chastised her on three occasions with the strap. Susannah resents nothing about her punishments and says she deserved them.

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Serena Williams - The American tennis star (World number 1, 2003) was spanked by father/coach Richard when she misbehaved growing up. In an article on the Sports Illustrated Website, May 31, 1999, it mentioned a time when he "Whipped her ass" after she confessed to doing something he was none too impressed with.

Sarah Ferguson - In an interview with Hello Magazine, April, 2007, The Duchess of York recalled being smacked at home for misbehaviour growing up. She said: "I was hit hard for being rude and my mother said my temper was a sign of the devil so she gave me a wallop. I used to be sent upstairs for being naughty."

Samantha Janus - In an interview in The Daily Record, Scotland, Sept 9, 1996, the English actress, recalling her schooldays in Edinburgh, Scotland, explained how she was once a tomboy troublemaker and was often caned for misbehaviour. She said: "I was the class troublemaker. I was always getting six of the best with the cane."

Above: Samantha Janus was a self confessed tomboy and troublemaker at school. Right: Her teachers got to the bottom of it with frequent canings.

Tavia Yeung - On the website HK Celebrity Interviews (hkcelebinterviews.blogspot.com) an article about the Chinese actress mentions her being caned by her mother for misbehaviour growing up.

HK Celebrity Interviews

As a young kid, Tavia was quite naughty. Besides fighting with her sister over toys, and getting caned by her mom in the process, she also liked to play hide and seek with her neighbours’ shoes. “We would leave our shoes outside the house, and I would hide one shoe. I also had my shoes hidden, and until now, I still don’t know who the culprit is.”

Tracy Smith - The CBS News correspondent was spanked with a paddle in 1st grade at school. At the end of a news item on the issue of corporal punishment at school, which Tracy presented, she was asked by her co-presenter if they paddled at her school? She replied: "They paddled at my school, and not in private, in front of the class." She added: "I got whacked in 1st grade, and at the end I stood up and said it didn`t hurt!" Her teacher replied: "It may not have hurt your buttocks girl but it certainly hurt your pride." "I was a good girl for the next ten years," Tracy added.

Tatum O`Neal - In her book, A Paper Life, Harper Collins, 2004, the American actress recalls the "Beatings" she received when she misbehaved growing up, from her mother, who used the belt, and her mother`s boyfriend, who administered a switch. She also tells of a time when she was spanked with a "Perforated" wooden paddle (a paddle with holes) at boarding school in Tuscon, Arizona in the 1970s for stealing some earrings.

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Tammy Wynette - The American country singer admitted in her biography, Stand By Your Man, that when she was growing up she got spanked with a belt on her behind at home. In the book she says that her mother done most of the disciplining and that her father whipped her only three times, but mentions that they were three whippings she would never forget. She also describes the time when at Seventeen her boyfriend returned her home from a date half an hour late. Her mother told her to never see him again because he doesn`t even have enough respect for you to return you home on time. There was then an argument with Tammy saying that if you say I can`t see him I will marry him. Her mother replied that`s the stupidist thing I have ever heard and at that moment she picked up a belt and hit tammy with the buckle end. Tammy then recalls that her mother then gave her the whipping of her life which she said at Seventeen hurt her pride as much as it did her backside.

Tanya Tucker - In her biography, Nickel Dreams, the American country singer mentions being spanked by her parents. She mentions how she would sometimes refuse to go to bed when told to and eventually her father would end up having to spank her. She also recalls a time when she covered herself with blood from the dog`s meat and ran in and told her parents that the dog had bitten her, her father panicked and suggested shooting the dog until he found out she was playing a prank, Tanya explained in the book that "Mother and dad thought it was about as funny as a heart attack, and they whipped my butt for it."

Tammin Sursok - In an article in the Australian NW Magazine, September 2nd 2002, the Australian actress said that whenever she misbehaved growing up her father, Daryl Sursok, would smack her bum and she wouldn`t do it again.

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Tonya Harding - In a monthly sport magazine, The American former ice-skater told of childhood spankings she received from her mother - "She would hit me with anything that was in the house. A hairbrush, ruler, wooden spoon, belt, you name it."

Tracy Shaw - During a TV chat show, on the subject of smacking, the British actress recalled getting the slipper during her days at a catholic school.

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Tina Turner - In a newspaper article in May 1999, The American singer`s former husband and manager Ike Turner recalled a time when he spanked her with a coathanger for attempting to run away. It has also been mentioned in the past that Ike spanked Tina with a shoe and other implements.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the American singer said she was often spanked by her strict grandmother who she was sent to live with when her parents left town to work.

Right: Tina Turner - spanked regularly by grandmother growing up

The Oprah Magazine
Date: May 1, 2005

OPRAH: Let's start with Nutbush. What carried you to the next point?

TINA: Fate. When my parents went off to Knoxville to work, I lived with my father's mother. She was strict--the kind who starched and ironed dresses. I had to sit more than I played. Oh, I was miserable. I liked being out with the animals. I'd come in the house with my hair pulled out, sash off the dress, dirty as heck. I was always getting spanked.

Whitney Houston - The American singer/actress commented in her biography that her father was basically a softy but did spank her once for as she put it "Running off at the mouth."

An article on the Classic Whitney website (www.classicwhitney.com), explains how Whitney`s mother Cissy didn`t believe in sparing the rod and spanked Whitney for misbehaviour up to the age of 16, when Whitney received her last spanking for her rebelliousness - and one to remember. `That was the first real spanking she got. A real good one.` said mother Cissy.

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Wallis Simpson - In a book called, The Uncommon Life of Wallis Simpson, it was mentioned that the former Duchess of Windsor was spanked by her mother with a large silver hairbrush while growing up. And in another book called, The Secret Lives of Wallis Simpson, it was mentioned that she was also spanked with a hairbrush at her private school, Arundell, because of her rebelious nature.

In the book, Secret Lives of the Duchess of Windsor, it describes Wallis` schooldays at Arundell, and the future Duchess`s habit of using bad language, earning her a reputation for being impertinant and haughty, which often got her into trouble with her teachers, especially headmistress Miss Carroll, who would spank the young Wallis with a hairbrush for her misbehaviour. It was also mentioned how Wallis was very particular about her appearance, knowing that she would earn herself a "smacking" with the hairbrush if she wasn`t. (Picture)

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