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India.Arie - (contributed by Cinndunc) - During an interview on the NYRock website, the American singer said: "When we were little we got spankings". (Confirmed)

Jane Fonda - (contributed by Jim) - In Henry Fonda`s biography, Fonda, My Life, Daughter, American actress Jane, says on page 186 that her mother spanked her for getting out of bed when she was supposed to be taking a nap, up through the 6th grade.

(contributed by RG) - In an article about the actress in the National Enquirer (approx 1980), it was mentioned that she was spanked by her mother. Jane said: `My mother spanked me but my father never had to. I was terrified that I might bring disfavour to him. He frightened me to death. Was that bad? I don`t think so. Discipline is extremely important to children.`

(contributed by Jennie) - I heard that Henry Fonda used to give his wife and Jane spankings whenever they needed them.

Janet Jackson - (contributed by Mike) - The American singer admitted on VH1 that she was spanked by her parents. The exact quote was this: Q: "Did your parents spank you? because there have been rumors circulating that they did." Janet: "Yes, they whipped us. It wasn't abuse, it was just a whipping when we needed it."

(contributed by cinndunc) - In an interview with Steve Pond in the December 1997 issue of US magazine, Janet said: `My father whipped me one time when I was a kid. I`m sure I deserved it.` In a seperate interview she said: "My father whipped me one time, it was a spanking. My parents were very strict, I`m happy my parents raised us like that."

(contributed by Cinndunc) - In an interview in Rolling Stone Magazine in the early 1990`s, Janet said of her upbringing: `We were whipped, yes, but never abused.`

Jaime Dudney - (contributed by Jim) - The actress was spanked by her mother whenever she `mouthed off` according to page 213 of Barbara Mandrell`s biography, Get to the Heart.

Jennifer Carfagno (contributed by IP) Weather Channell's Jennifer Carfagno, a Pennsylvania native, was paddled a couple of times during her schooldays for talking and not paying attention in class. She also had very strict parents who also did not spare the rod.

Jemima Goldsmith (Khan) - (contributed by Jack) - I recall reading an article about the father of the British ex-wife of former Pakistani cricket legend Imran Kahn, billionaire financier Sir James Goldsmith. It commented that some people felt he spoiled Jemima and treated her like a Princess, but these people failed to realise that this was only one side to him. He could also be a strict father who was not afraid to put her across his knee and administer a well deserved smacking. (Enter for Picture)

Jennifer Lopez - (contributed by Newgate) - The American singer/actress it seems was spanked by former partner Sean Puffy Combs. On the Howard Stern show, which neither were present, he showed a picture of J-Lo`s famous rear and said: `There`s the ass that Puffy Combs spanked.`

Janice Joplin - (contributed by Cinndunc) - In a book about the singer - Love Janice, by Laura Joplin (her sister) - she mentions that Janice was occasionally spanked by her father, but he probably hurt his hand more than he did her bottom.

Jenny Jones - (contributed by Michael) - The American chat show host mentions in her book that when she was still at home she got spanked with a belt while lying on the living room floor. (Confirmed)

(contributed by Jack) - On an episode of her talk show a mother was describing how badly behaved her teenage daughter was when a member of the audience asked: "Why don't you give her a good whipping?", the mother replied: "I can't do that". Jenny then interrupted to say: "Why not? if I had behaved like that my parents would have gone right for their strap".

Jelena Dokic - (contributed by Robert) - The tennis star was given over-the-knee spankings by her father at junior matches in 1998 and possibly beyond that according to reports.

(contributed by John) - In a TV report from the WTA event in Hamburg, the commentator talked about Dokic and her father. He said her father took Jelena across his knee and spanked her with his hand or belt after poor performances in junior tournements from 1995-98.

Julie Walters - (contributed by Jimbo) - In a press article the British actress recalled being caned on her backside at school for walking on a piece of grass that was out of bounds.

Julia Roberts - (contributed by Cinndunc) - Article about the American actress, People Magazine, March 19, 2001, "While The Mexican was shooting last summer, Roberts spent just 10 days on location in Real de Catorce in central Mexico. But that was enough to set the tone. When costar James Gandolfini arrived in the tiny town, “we all met to have a bite to eat,” Roberts recalls, “and he grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder and gave me a whack on the butt.” Far from being displeased, she says, “I thought, ‘And we’re off.’"

Joanna Lumley - (contributed by Daniel) - The British actress writes in her memoirs (Stare Back And Smile), "Felicity and I found a pair of scissors and cut our fringes right off so we had tufts at the top of our foreheads, my bottom was smacked but Felicity`s wasn`t." (Confirmed)

(contributed by John) - I read in an entertainment magazine some time back about Joanna getting caned when she was in school. She was about 16 at the time and she was called to the headmistress' office for playing truant. It was not the first time she did this and as a punishment she was caned three times across her backside. It was the first time she got the cane and she said it hurt like hell.

Joan Bakewell - (contributed by Fozzy) - I saw on a documentary, I think it was called Mothers and Daughters, the TV presenter was talking about her mother and said: "She was a smacker, I was smacked with a slipper, I was smacked with the back of a hairbrush, you know, left marks." (Confirmed)

(contributed by PaulS) - There was an article about Joan in our local paper last year which stated that Joan was regularly beaten with a hairbrush by her mother.

Juliet Stevenson - (contributed by Sam) In the Sunday Times Magazine on 14th December, 2003, on the Relative Values pages (p13) there was an interview with British actress Juliet Stevenson and her brother. In her interview she says she was furious with jealously of her "angelic" brother and recalls a time when her father spanked her and locked her in her room after she`d thrown something at him and hurt him in the process.

Jenny McCarthy - (contributed by Magenta) - The American model/tv celebrity administered a swat of the paddle each on tv to 3 frat pledges, and she told them to "Thank sister Jenny for each one." Frat pledges are young men who have pledged a fraternity. That is, they are in the process of being accepted into a university mens organization.

(contributed by RG) - Model/actress Jenny McCarthy said in a biography that she got spanked hard for drawing on the walls when she was little.

Jenny Maxwell - (contributed by Paul) - In a book I saw several years ago about Elvis, Jenny Maxwell was quoted fairly extensively, discussing her famous over-the-knee, sea-side spanking in "Blue Hawaii." My recollections here will have to be paraphrased. Ms.Maxwell noted that Elvis "really hit hard!" because they wanted to make sure the scene took on a certain validity or authenticity. It was noted by the author that, in the scene where Jennie rides on horseback, she was seen on the set "seated gingerly slightly above the saddle," due to the spanking she'd just endured from her leading man. What's more, I remember a passage where the author pointed out that Jennie had, in fact, twisted her ankle on the set of "Blue Hawaii," and was temporarily hobbling around with the assistance of a cane. She made a comment, the author reports, where she'd gotten it "twice," in "two places" -- referring, of course, to her bruised ankle AND her bruised behind!

(contributed by JD) - I read a book about the scene (from Blue Hawaii) which actually reprinted a press interview with Jennie Maxwell about the spanking scene. The spanking scene took three different takes to complete. Ms. Maxwell recalled her dress was wet because of her character having tried to have drowned herself when Presley took her over his knee. She also mentioned that because of the wet clothing, it was like being spanked without clothes. She mentioned her bottom was very red and sore for hours following the spanking -- each take involved ten to twelve hard swats to her bottom. She was 19 at the time and got along with Presley during the filming of "Blue Hawaii"; she had no desire to endure another spanking from Presley.

Jordan - (contributed by James) - During an interview in M8 magazine in 1998, the British model said: "I used to have my arse spanked when I was a kid." (Confirmed)

Jennifer Ellison - (contributed by Scom) - The young British actress who stars in Brookside was asked in an interview in a TV magazine last year if she got into trouble as a kid. She said: "Probably not as much as I should have, I can only really remember getting one proper hiding. I must have been ten or eleven, my mum bent me over the side of the couch and smacked me with a slipper."

Jennifer O`Neill - (contributed by Jan) - The person is actress Jennifer O'Neill. In her new book, titled "Surviving Myself," she describes an incident when she was a young child when she tried to manipulate her parents. After being refused something from her mother, she asked her father for it when he arrived home. She states that he gave her a mighty whack across her bottom.

Jodie Foster - (contributed by Jbruce) - In her biography, Foster Child, the American actress mentions that while growing up herself and her sisters got an "Ocassional strap across the butt" from their mother. (Confirmed) The book, Foster Child, was written by Jody`s brother, Buddy Foster.

(contributed by Ozman) - In a magazine or newspaper article it was mentioned that Jodie got a spanking from her mother during the making of Disney film 'Candleshoe' in 1976. She had been misbehaving on set and was arguing with some of the other child actors. After filming was over Jodie's mother took her back to their hotel where she was made to lay across her bed and was spanked with a leather belt.

Judy Garland - (contributed by Henry) - Judy Garland was spanked by Mickey Rooney on a set - they may have still been teens.

Judy Collins - (contributed by Jan) - In her autobiography the American singer mentioned that sometimes her mother would say: "Your father will have to know that when he comes home." Referring to some trouble she had gotten into. She then replied: "That might mean a strapping, for we were disciplined, and that's the way it was."

Joey Lauren Adams - (contributed by JohnF) - The cute American actress, who grew up in Arkansas, recently said on a talk show that her mother spanked her once as a child for being naughty to her piano teacher.

(contributed by Cinndunc) - During an interview on the Jay Leno show, Joey said: `So I quit piano, and my mom spanked me.`

Josie Maran - (contributed by Michael) - David Blain admitted on the Howard Stern show that he`s spanked model Josie Maran, as well as previous girlfriend Fiona Apple. (Confirmed)

(contributed by A Source) - On the Howard Stern Show, magician David Blaine explained that to relieve model girlfriend Josie Maran`s stress after a heavy work schedule, he took her across his lap, lowered her pants, and spanked her bare bottom - it worked.

(contributed by Newgate) - In an interview with David Blaine and Josie Maran on The Howard Stern Show, Blaine admitted to spanking his model girlfriend. Here is the text of the interview:

(Howard Stern speaking to David Blaine): "'re into spanking? (David Blaine - smiling): "Yes." At this point Josie Maran is also nodding her head and smiling. (Howard Stern speaking to David Blaine): "I heard that when she was on tour, you spanked Fiona Apple so hard that she couldn't sit for several that true?" (David Blaine): "Yes" (Howard Stern speaking to Josie Maran): "And you Josie...have you been spanked? (Josie Maran - nodding her head, smiling and looking at David Blain): "Ooohhh yes...he likes to do it in resturants and places like that." (Confirmed)

Jada Pinkett Smith - (contributed by anonymous) - In an interview the American actress said: "My kids are so good,"I've got very well-behaved children. I don't like out-of-control kids. I come from the old school. I wasn't allowed to be out of control and I don't let my kids. My kids are very well behaved, I mean, they're still kids, but they know the boundaries. And once you've established those boundaries it's very clear. You get spanked or punished or whatever it takes."

Jayne Mansfield - (contributed by RG) - The American actress was spanked with a hairbrush and also spanked her own kids. This is mentioned in a biography.

Jamie Gathing - (contributed by A Source) - In an interview where the American womens` basketball player for the Hoosier`s was asked, what`s the dumbest thing that`s happened to you? She replied: `Probably getting a spanking on my birthday. I did it a couple times, actually. I don't remember what I did, but I remember getting a spanking on my birthday when I was 10 or so and there I was getting spanked in front of all my friends.`

Kate Lawler - (contributed by Pete) - On RI:SE, Channel 4 UK, October 22nd, 2003, they were talking about some bad teenage behaviour in the previous night's episode of "Wife Swap" when Kate said: "If I had spoken to my mum like that, my dad would have taken off his slipper and whacked my bum."

(contributed by Peter) - On RI:SE, Channel 4 UK, October 22nd, 2003, after a clip of a naughty teenage girl on the 'wife swap' programme the previous night, Ian Lee immediately commented that the girl in question needed 'a slap across the back of the legs.'
After Ian's comments, Kate stated that if she'd spoken to her mother like that her dad would have got his slipper and whacked her bum.
(Kate Lawler Pictures)

Katherine Hepburn - (contributed by Jan) - The American movie star mentions in her biography that her parents weren`t shy to apply physical chastisement. I can`t recall what implements they used but it seems like a switch was mentioned.

Kirsty Wark - (contributed by fiona) - The Scottish Journalist & TV presenter was regularly belted at school (Scotland on Sunday - Spectrum 2, April 2000).

Kim Basinger - (contributed by Krystal) - The American actress admitted recently to Jay Leno that her mother would chase her and her siblings in the yard with a switch. She said she recieved a lot of "Southern switchings."

(contributed by Paul) - Several years ago, during the time Kim was attempting to buy an entire town in the Southern U.S.A. (in Georgia, I think), her mother was quoted in one of the tabloids (The Star or Globe, I believe) that her daughter was "A spoiled brat," and that what she needed was "A damn good paddling." Also, the cover of the tabloid ran a headline, something like "Kim Basinger's Mother Says Kim Needs A Good Spanking!

(contributed by anonymous) - In the book, Kim Basinger: Longer than Forever, written by Ron Britton with Ian Markham-Smith and Liz Hodgson, Britton boasts of Basinger's predilection for oral sex (in his Porsche) and spanking (on his shag carpet).

Kirstie Alley - (contributed by Daniel) - The actress was interviewed on the tonight show in America and was asked if she was spanked while growing up. She confirmed that she was.

Kathie Lee Gifford - (contributed by Michael) - Kathie Lee said she was spanked with a fly swatter in one of her books.

Koo Stark - (contributed by Karen) - A few years ago, a Saturday edition of the Daily Mail carried an interview with British model/actress Koo Stark's father, in which he stated that he spanked the 14 year old Koo. He said he'd taken her over his knee for a spanking, but no other details of the punishment were given.

Kim Wilde - (contributed by JD) - one of my friends mentioned reading in one of the men's magazines from the late 80`s that the British singer was spanked for being a bit defiant at home --- as a child staying up late and later on as a teen for staying out too late. At school, she was supposedly caned on a few occasions for truancy or refusing to answer the questions put forth by the teacher.

Kirsten Dunst - (contributed by Jack) - Around the time of the release of her film 'Bring It On' I read an interview on a website with the actress in which she spoke at length about her parents. Of her father she said: "He was the strict one. He made all the rules and would ground me or spank me when I broke them".

(contributed by anonymous) - During a Q&A, the American actress was asked Q - When you were growing up, did you ever get in trouble with your parents and get grounded or spanked? A - "Are you kidding!? I got into trouble all the time. I mean, nothing too serious, but I guess I liked to test the boundaries."

Kristen Davies - (contributed by Jack) - The actress who plays Charlotte in 'Sex and the City' was asked in an interview if their was any sexual activity that she found a real turn-off, she said spanking. When asked why she replied: "because my mom used to spank me with a big wooden hairbrush and it was horrible".

Lauren & Ashley Bush - (contributed by A Source) - Lauren (pictured), a model, and sister Ashley, both the nieces of the American President, allegedly confessed to reporters that they were still spanked by their parents when required. Parents Neil & Sharon have allegedly confirmed this and even recalled several memorable occasions, one being at a swimming party when Lauren was 14 and got loud after being refused permission to go out on a boat with some boys - Neil took her to a private place, put her across his knee and tanned her bottom. Other more recent incidents were when they arrived home only to catch their daughters smoking in the house - both girls were taken across each parents` laps individually and spanked on the spot. Another was when Lauren was on a modelling assignment in Italy with her mother, misbehaved - in her mother`s opinion - at a party, and was taken across her mother`s lap and soundly spanked with a hairbrush in their appartment afterwards.

LeAnn Rimes - (contributed by anonymous) - In an article in the May 2001 issue of Texas Monthly magazine there is an article by Skip Hollandsworth about American singer Leann Rimes. Here is the quote: "Nor did the rough-around-the edges Wilbur, who often would stop whatever he was doing to shoot a stream of tobacco juice into a paper cup, pamper his daughter the way other stage parents did. LeAnn has told many people that he sometimes spanked her with a belt if she tried to avoid rehearsing with him. He heatedly denies this, telling me in his letter that he spanked LeAnn only "for mouthing off and being extremely disrespectful, mostly to her mother." (Confirmed)

Lisa Whelchel - (contributed by Jim) - The American actress, Blair on "the facts of life" for 9 years, was spanked often as a child, according to her book "creative correction" on page 170.

Actress Lisa Whelchel, known for her portrayal of the rich spoiled Blair in the 70's tv show "Facts of life" has written a pro-spanking child rearing book called "Creative Correction" and a sequel called "Facts of Life". In both books she mentions being spanked as child. She also spanks her own kids now.

Lucille Ball - (contributed by RG) - In her Biography, I love Lucy, the American actress tells of a time when her father spanked her with a wooden spoon for arriving at the table late for dinner.

Lorna Luft - (contributed by Jan) - Lorna recalls in her memoirs being spanked by her famous mother Judy Garland and her nanny mrs Chapman. (Enter for Memoir Text) also contributed by Jan.

(contributed by Henry) - Lorna Luft talking about her mother, Judy Garland. Lorna was in trouble for beating up her little brother and Judy told her she was in for a spanking. I remember the exact words she used: "But I'm too old for a spanking!" "Oh really? Get over my knee" Lorna went on to say how humiliated she was because "I was already a teenager".

Laura Dern - (contributed by A Source) - It`s rumoured that the American actress was spanked on her bare bottom with a ruler as punishment by the Principal when she was at catholic school.

(contributed by Jan) - On a TV show the actress mentioned that either she was spanked at home or wasn`t much spanked at home, and also went on to add: "But catholic school took care of that."

Laura Boone - (contributed by RG) - American singer Pat Boone`s daughter has said that she and her sisters often received bare bottom spankings in their youth from both parents.

Lennon Sisters - (contributed by RG) - The 60's singing group, who used to perform on the popular Lawrence Welk show, were spanked by their dad with a belt, and by their mom with a wooden spoon, and each carried on the tradition with their own kids. this was mentioned in a tv magazine many years ago.

Lisa Marie Presley - (contributed by opctrs) - From the book by her mother entitled Elvis and Me. Page 194 hardback edition: "He (Elvis) did discipline her (Lisa) from time to time. Once He paddled her for writing all over a beautiful velvet couch with crayons, wanting me (Priscilla) to ensure him that he did the right thing. I told him: "if you hadn't spanked her, I would have." The only other time was when he repeatedly warned her not to go near the pool and she did. Then it goes on to say she remembers this well and is proudly pleased by her two paddlings.

(contributed by JS) - I remember a "People Magazine" story about Lisa Marie Presley. When she was about 14, she got in an argument with her mother, and Priscilla spanked her in the back of a car.

(contributed by Jim) - In the book, Elvis and Me, it was mentioned that Priscilla spanked Lisa Marie one day in the back of a Caddilac for sneaking into a club under-aged. Also in the book, Child Bride, (page 198) it quotes a TV interview in which Priscilla said that she spanked Lisa Marie when she misbehaved.

Liza Tarbuck - (contributed by Jules) On the UK's Big Breakfast programme (17th April 2000) Liza, one of the presenters and famous comedian Jimmy Tarbuck`s daughter, spoke at some length about how she was punished with a wooden spoon by her mother. She said that on one occasion she went and hid in the utility room to escape her mother, only to be caught out when she sneaked around to the back door. Liza said that she really got it hard on that occasion, and rubbed her bottom at the memory.

Lisa Ling - (contributed by Ciscoman) - The American TV presenter, co host of "The View" with Barbara Walters, has said that when she was younger her father ruled their house with an iron fist and that she got spanked a lot.

Lulu - (contributed by Jimbo) - In a press interview a few years back the singer Lulu recalling her schooldays in Glasgow Scotland said: "I was always giving cheek to my teachers and I deserved all the beltings I got, and believe me I got my fair share." Reffering to getting the tawse on the hands, a popular Scottish school punishment at that time. She also hinted that she had had her bottom spanked at home for being cheeky.

Liz Hurley (contributed by Pamela) - The actress likes to play spanking games at parties, the game involves having to bend over a sofa and guess who is spanking your behind. (Confirmed) (Enter for Text From Article) also contributed by Pamela.

Linda Fiorentino - (contributed by Jan) - In a newspaper article about the American actress the following text was featured. - Ms. Fiorentino, who grew up a middle class child among eight siblings, wonders what the good sisters at her catholic boarding school might make of all this. "If you even whispered in class you got spanked with the big wooden `board of education,` as they called it" she remembers. "Maybe with roles like this I`m still rebelling against all their efforts to turn me into a good little girl." (Confirmed)

Linda Gray Sexton - (contributed by Michael) - Linda said in her novel, Searching For Mercy Street, that her mother (the poet Anne Sexton) spanked her over the knee, bare bottom with a brush and especially a shoe. She said her mother spanked her until she was not angry anymore. Linda also mentions that her uncle Ed spanked her across his lap, panties down with a belt.

Lori Anne Crook - (contributed by David) - On one of her shows, Lori mentioned how she was once spanked all the way up the stairs by her mother after an argument.

(contributed by Henry) - Lori Anne Crook of Crook and Chase used to get spanked as a child.

Linda Darnell - (contributed by Van Johnson) - The biography of Linda Darnell, called "Hollywood Beauty", tells about an event that happened during the shooting of the movie Summer Storm. It seems miss Darnell was having a hard time getting through a scene. Frustrated, director Douglas Sirk called to take a break and sat down next to Linda. He told her to relax. Suddenly, he threw her over his knees a gave her a good spanking and then told her to go back and do the scene right. Being spanked in front of the cast and crew angered Linda enough to do the scene incredibly. She later joked that her and Sirk got along great after that.

(contributed by Henry) - Linda Darnell was spanked by her mother on a studio set (not part of a movie).

Lucy Liu - (contributed by anonymous) - The American actress revealed her predilection for spanking in an interview with US Magazine in its September or October issue.

In the Calgary Sun on September 15, 1999 on page 60 about Lucy Liu's fondness for being taken across someone's knee. LIU LIKES 'A GOOD SPANKING' MCBEAL STAR KINDA KINKY NEW YORK -- The actress talking of her fondness for being spanked said: "I myself like a good spanking on occasion, if it's done right," she said."It's got to have that right ring."

Laura Sisk Wright - (contributed by Jim) - The actress was quoted in a soap opera magazine in the mid 1990`s that the worst trouble she ever got into when growing up was when she pretended to lose a report card. She said that both her parents spanked her for it.

Latoya Jackson - (contributed by Cinndunc) - In the American singer`s biography, Latoya, she mentions her father spanked her with a belt for getting a less than perfect report card.

Lillian Gish - (contributed by PDW) - In the American silent movie star`s biography she mentions being spanked by her mother growing up. And also a time when her father spanked her with a hairbrush in front of numerous visiting family members when she was behaving unruly.

Lauren Bacall - (contributed by PDW) - In her biography, the American actress recalls her father spanking her bottom with a strap.

Lana Turner - (contributed by PDW) - In her biography, the American actress recalls receiving a "switching" during a short stay with a foster family. Her mother, who disapproved of this, removed her from the home as soon as she found out.

Mia Farrow - (contributed by PDW) - In her autobiography, What Falls Away, the American actress tells how she was physically punished by her father when she was growing up, and specifically a time when she had to bend over a chair and was caned by him.

Mary Astor - (contributed by RG) - The actress wrote in her biography, My Story, that she was often soundly spanked by her father and that handprints were left on her bottom.

Marilu Henner - (contributed by RG) - The actress, star of the show Taxi from the 1970's, has written a book called, I refuse to raise a Brat, and says that her mother often spanked her growing up, and that her mother's weapon of choice was the dreaded hairbrush, which was always `loaded`.

Margaret Truman - (contributed by RG) - In her book on the life of her mother, First Lady Bess Truman, the only child of the 33rd President of the United States describes her mother`s use of the hairbrush. On page 98 of the hardcover edition, she quotes from a letter her mother wrote to her father who was away on military duty: `She reported that she gave me a small paddling for taking my nighty off.` This was my first but not my last encounter with my mother as a disciplinarian. As an older sister who had spent a lot of time making unruly brothers obey orders, her first instinct was to reach for the hairbrush when I misbehaved.` On page 107 `My father unceasingly defended, and in mother`s opinion spoiled me. She was always ready to lay down the law, reinforced by the hairbrush if necessary.`

Marilyn Monroe - (contributed by MarkD) - In the biography Joe and Marilyn, by Roger Kahn, it is mentioned that she spent time as one of several foster children in the Albert Bolender household. Kahn reports that "When a child became boisterous, Albert went for his razor strap, bent the child over his knees, pulled off the clothing, and whipped. Marilyn said that she could always remember the feel of Albert's leather on her bare buttocks."

(p.74) He also said that the Bolenders forbade games of playacting, which Marilyn enjoyed. She did her playacting hiding in the woodshed, and if she was caught there she might be strapped. On page 75 Kahn writes: "There is some reason to suspect that Albert Bolender did not strap Marilyn purely to save her from a future of brimstone. Amid all the noise of children, amid all the repressions of fundamentalist religiosity, he may have enjoyed having his way with the abandoned little blond girl." (SF&R Comment) I haven`t read, Joe & Marilyn, but I have seen another reference which suggests that Marilyn Monroe was spanked with a razor strop across her bare backside while growing up. (Enter for Picture)

(contributed by JS) - Some years ago, one of Marilyn Monroe`s early photographers told Entertainment Tonight that he once spanked her with a hairbrush for being late for a shoot. She would have been about 18 at the time.

(contributed by Douglas) - There was a story that I heard on a documentary about Marilyn a number of years back, told by her manager, an incident when she first started her career. There was a group of reporters waiting to photograph and interview Marilyn outside her door in the hot boiling sun. Inside, the teenage and somewhat unknown Marilyn, was in a lazy mood; lounging about and unconcerned. He managed, after several attempts to coax her to get going, became angry, turned her across his knee and spanked her with a hairbrush, hard. And, thus, according to him, a career began.

(contributed by A Source) - When the American movie legend was a 19yo model and turned up a couple of hours late for a shoot she was taken across her photographer`s knee and spanked with a hairbrush. Also when she was in her early 20`s she was spanked over the knee of her movie producer with a hairbrush for a no care attitude towards a movie promotion.

(contributed by Henry) - Marilyn Monroe was spanked by Joe Dimaggio.

Mary Pierce - (contributed by Rambo) - Reffering to a discussion board on the net. One knowledgable tennis fan recounted how Mary Pierce was spanked by her father and then coach. He had actual references for his story.

(Contributed by John) - During a WTA event in Hamburg, the commentator mentioned Pierce being spanked by her father after poor performances during the 1990`s.

(contributed by Michael) - I heard that Mary Pierce got spanked by her father a lot.

(contributed by Ozman) - As I understand it Mary was regularly spanked by her father right through her teens and into her early twenties.

Martina Hingis - (contributed by Jack) - On a New Jersey radio station, during last year`s (2001) U.S. Open Tournament, two commentators began discussing 'rumours' about Swiss tennis star, Martina Hingis, that had surfaced a few years previously. They seemed keen to stress that these were only rumours and not confirmed facts, that Martina was regularly spanked with a sandal or gymshoe by her mother until around 1997, when she was 16. She would be spanked either for not putting enough effort into her training, behaving badly on court, or for giving up on a match without a fight. After the 1999 French Open final, in which Martina lost to Steffi Graf and was jeered by the crowd for her unsporting behaviour, Martina and her mother had a major argument during which her mother tried to spank her for the first time in around two years. Martina did not take the spanking willingly. A few weeks later Martina appeared at Wimbledon without her mother, apparently still angry that her mother had spanked her.

(contributed by Melvin) - I read on a message board that during an interview with the tennis star`s mother she mentioned that she spanked Martina if she didn`t try hard enough.

(contributed by Rick) - It was reported on television at a tennis match recently that part of the reason for the falling out Martina Hingis had with her mother had to do with the fact that her mother still insisted on using a switch on her when she didn't feel Martina was doing her best.

(contributed by Henry) - I heard on tv that tennis player Martina Hingis had a falling out with her mother because she still insisted on taking the switch to her when she felt Martina wasn't trying her best.

Mary Crosby - (contributed by jan) - Years ago in an article in the Parade magazine, a weekly insert in many Sunday newspapers in the U.S., There was a story about one of the Crosby’s, Bing, I think. Anyway, it made reference to his children who were in the home at the time. One was Mary, a daughter, who I think is somewhat well known today. It noted that a hairbrush in the house was used for spanking, and was well used. Even though Bing was known for whacking his boys, I think the article said that the hairbrush was used by his wife.

(contributed by Jim) - Bing`s Daughter and TV actress from Dallas, mentioned in McCall`s in July 1980 that she was spanked by her mother Kathryn. Kathryn confirmed this in "Star" in 1983 by saying that she did the spanking in the family

Mary Tyler Moore - (contributed by RG) - In her autobiography "After All", the American actress mentions that her parents believed that misbehaving kids should be spanked.

Maura Dhu Greaves - (contributed by RG) - Actor Jack Albertson has said that he`d spanked his actress daughter Maura a couple of times.

Marie Osmond - (contributed by Tracey) - Marie recalls being spanked in an early teenage biography.

(contributed by RG) - I can confirm the Marie Osmond reference on the site as I have the book. (Enter for Biography Text)

Maureen O`Hara - (contibuted by no-name) - I heard that during the filming of the western movie McLintock, Maureen O'Hara taunted John Wayne for not being a better spanker, this in turn led to a spanking realistic enough to leave her shapely bottom bruised!

Maya Angelou - (contributed by Jan) - In a biography about the growing up years of the American author she mentions on several occasions the threat of being whipped or actually being whipped with a switch, she also mentions that her mother kept one ready behind the door. She also recalls that her brother and herself once got a switching for playing up in church, they were taken to another room for the punishment and made so much noise the pastor`s wife came and asked for quiet.

Merlene Ottey - (contributed by Ozman) - The Jamaican sprinting legend mentioned in an interview that she was often made to bend over to be caned on the bottom while growing up in Jamaica.

Melanie Sykes - (contributed by Paul H) - A year or two ago the tabloid press reported a radio interview with the voluptuous Melanie Sykes. Mel had just recently split up from a long term boyfriend and in an attempt to cheer herself up had gone on a drinking binge which resulted in her “misbehaving” with some Sunderland footballers that she had met the same evening. Whilst recounting this tale, Miss Sykes remarked “I hope that my mum isn’t listening to this, because if she is she will smack my botty!”.

Merideth MacRae - (contributed by RG) - The star of the 60`s sitcom, Petticoat Junction, and daughter of singers, Gordon & Sheila MacRae, has said that her sister Heather was spanked the most, but her father did spank her once for turning on the stove.

Michelle Pfeiffer - (contributed by OTK999) - In a biography by Douglas Thomson she is quoted as saying her father beat her after she ran away to see the circus. The actual quote is: `My father was very strict, I was very strong willed. My earliest memory was going off to the circus when I wasn`t supposed to go. I was about eight, I got whipped right in the front yard when I got home.`

(contributed by Alexis) - I read a story in an american tabloid about Michelle Pfeiffer. They reported that Michelle was spanked while growing up in Southern California by her working class dad. The report was that her Dad spanked her after she went to the beach all day. No details of how he spanked her though. (Confirmed)

(contributed by Jack) - I once read (source unstated) about Michelle Pfeiffer's last spanking. She was 15 at the time. She had gone to see a movie with friends and was supposed to go straight home afterwards. They decided to go for a pizza, and thought if they were quick she could make it home before curfew, but she didn`t. When she got home her dad was furious, and sent her up to his bedroom where he had the strap already laid out on the bed. She said it was the last time he ever spanked her.

Michaela Strachan - (contributed by Jack) - In a school memories section in a newspaper in the early 1990`s, the British TV presenter said that she received corporal punishment twice at school. The first time was when she was 8 or 9, she had forgotten her gym kit. The punishment for this was having to do gym in your underwear, plus having to bend over for four smacks with a plimsoll. The second occasion was when she was 14, she broke her school's strict dress code by wearing a skirt that was too short. She was sent to the deputy Headmistress, who gave her three of the cane and sent her home to change.

Mary Martin - (contributed by Larry) - In her biography, My Heart Belongs, Mary mentions that she once tried on her sister`s persian princess` costume before she did, and as she was doing so her sister walked in and she ended up being spanked hard by her mother with the flat side of a wooden harbrush. She also commented about her mother: `Whenever she brought herself to whack me with the hairbrush i would refuse stubbornly to cry. She would say, `Heartless child, why won`t you cry? Anybody else would cry.`

Mary McAleese - (contributed by UKfirm) - During her Irish Presidential campaign, Mary said that things had changed since she was a child. She said: "When I was at school corporal punishment was very much the norm." And she indicated that she had been punished with the strap on a few occasions.

Marlo Thomas - (contributed by Jan) - The following text was posted on a newsgroup on the net. - Marlo was spanked by Danny Thomas well into her late teens. He used to tell the story of Marlo missing curfew and how he fell asleep in a patio chair while trying to wait up for her. He was awakened by the automatic sprinklers spraying him at 1 a.m. He was soaking wet as he saw her boyfriend drive her to the door. He spanked her all the way up the stairs but she was wearing several petticoats (the style of the early sixties) and didn't do any real damage, but she cried from the embarrassment and said "I'm too old to spank!!!!" (Enter for Biography Text) also contributed by Jan.

(contributed by Cindi) - Marlo`s father Danny Thomas once told a funny story regarding Marlo's last spanking. She was out on a date and late getting back, so a very mad Danny waited for her out on the patio. He dozed off and woke up soaking wet as the automatic sprinkler came on and saturated him. Just then her boyfriend drove her home. Danny was so angry that he spanked her all the way up the stairs while she cried and said "I`M TOOOOO OLD TO SPANK!!!!"

(contributed by Douglas) - When Marlo was a teenager, it seems she was out too late on a date. Her father, Danny Thomas, waited on the front lawn for her. While there, the lawn sprinklers came on, drenching him, adding to his anger. When Marlo got home, her father was waiting, belt in hand, and madder than the proverbial wet hen. According to the article I read, she got the spanking of her life.

Margaret Mitchell - (contributed by Henry) - In the American writer`s biography, The Life of Margaret Mitchell, the following was mentioned.

Nothing Margaret did appeared to please her mother, who was 'quick with the hairbrush whenever she thought her daughter was acting spoiled or ill-mannered.

An impressionable, sensitive child reared to believe children should be seen and not heard, she bore the discomfort of those afternoons in respectful silence as she sat "onbony knees, fat, slick taffeta laps, and soft, flowered muslin laps," not daring to wriggle for fear "of getting the flat side of a hairbrush where it would do the most good.

Returning from her first day at North Boulevard School, Margaret told her mother that she hated arithmetic and did not want to go back. Maybelle's response was to bare her daughter's rear and give her a good whacking with a hairbrush.

(contributed by Peter) - In the writer`s biography, I think, "The Road to Tara" it is stated that margaret was frequently spanked by both parents.

Marcia Davenport - (contributed by Helen) - In the memoirs of the American novelist, political columnist and biographer of Mozart), entitled Too Strong for Fantasy. Davenport describes receiving spankings from her mother - the opera singer Alma Gluck - in some detail, alluding also to maternal paddlings with a ruler and a shingle.

Dame Maggie Smith - (contributed by Blubberboy) - In her biography, there`s a reference to her skipping school to see a movie - being disappointed with the movie - and was made worse when she was `beaten` by her father when he found out. The book describes her and her siblings strict upbringing by their father, Nat, and says: "Bottoms were bared and Nat did his duty with a leather belt."

Melissa Schuman - (contributed by A Source) - On an internet website Q&A, The American singer was asked if she was spanked when growing up, and she replied: "Yes I was spanked, and I was the type that needed to be spanked, lol.

Michelle Williams - (contributed by Viper) - The singer - Destiny`s Child - told of a time at the 2001 MTV awards when she was caught by her mother baring her backside to the kids next door during a visit to her grandmother`s house when she was a child. She explained that her annoyed mother told her something on the lines of - now you can bare your backside for me - and gave her a spanking.

Minnie Pearl - (contributed by Jan) - In the American country singer`s biography, Minnie Pearl: An Autobiography by Minnie Pearl, the following was mentioned.

I learned very emphatically when I was about four that if I didn’t act like a little lady around Mama I’d pay the consequences. (At a book club meeting at her house after sitting very inappropriately by exposing her panties in front of the ladies) I was wearing a new pair of ruffled panties - we called them underdrawers - which I thought were beautiful. Mama stood up quickly and said, "Will you excuse me please?" Then she took me firmly by the hand and led me from the room, where my underdrawers were exposed again, this time to a switch! "I can still remember Mama’s whippings very clearly. She could make you dance with a peach limb! Mama believed in the old adage, "Spare the rod and spoil the child," and she always said no child of hers was too old to get spanked. She was our disciplinarian and she was wise about it. She never said, "Wait until your father hears about this," or threatened us in any way with Daddy. She dished out the punishment at the scene of the crime. I never heard her tell him about having to spank any of us.

(After telling about her fear of the river) "However, I did overcome my fear of the river long enough to take a boat ride with a stranger one day. When I got home and told Mama about it she was horrified. I got a whipping and a stern reminder.

"Dixie (her next older sister by 7 years) caused me to get more than one whipping, but even that was alright." Minnie then goes on to tell about when she and Dixie started to uncontrollably laugh at the dinner table with guests present. Minnie was about 7 and Dixie 14. Both were later whipped for it. Also, later she tells about Dixie getting her last whipping at the age of 17. Minnie tried to stop it, and after her mother finished with Dixie she turned the switch on Minnie.

Naomi Judd - (contributed by Jim) - On page 14 of "Love can build a bridge", Naomi Judd writes that she got 2 spankings from her dad at age 14 for a negative comment on a report card and then for her reaction to the 1st spanking. Also on a website in mentioned that Naomi said on an unspecified talk show that `without any daddy around it was up to me to put the girls over my knee when it was needed`.

Nadia Comaneci - (contributed by Jack) - In the early 1990's, in an article about the legendary Romanian gymnast, it said that her coach would take her over his knee and spank her with her own hairbrush if he wasn't satisfied with her perfomance at training sessions.

(contributed by Anna) On page 11 of the legendary Romanian gymnast`s book "Letters To A Young Gymnast" (published December 2003) Nadia wrote: "My father only spanked me one time in his life." "He spanked me once with his belt on my behind". This was after she came home late.

(Lady) Nancy Astor - (contributed by RG) - Lady Nancy was a tomboy and was spanked by her father. This is mentioned in the book "The life of Lady Astor" by Christopher Sykes.

Nikki DeLoach - (contributed by John) - In a Q&A on an internet website, the American singer was asked if she was ever spanked while growing up, and she said she was spanked a lot.

Pauline Quirke - (contributed by Paul) - In the TV Times a couple of years ago - on the subject of a school reunion - one of the memories the British actress recalled from her days at Islington Green School in London, was getting her bottom slippered at the age of 14.

Patricia Heaton - (contributed by LD) - The American actress who plays the mother in "Everybody Loves Raymond" mentions, without details, getting spanked at home on page 21 of her autobiography "Motherhood and Hollywood".

Paula Yates - (contributed by OTK999) - On a TV programme she was on with Michael Aspel, there was a debate about animal cruelty. Paula admitted that the only time she had her bottom smacked as a child was when her mother caught her tying up her pet mouse.

Peta Wilson - (contributed by Geezax) - Peta Wilson (Australian actress) of the La Femme Nikita television series mentioned on Conan O'Brien that the closest thing she has had to an experience with S&M happened when she was about 13 years old. She says she was a new kid at a school, and was sick on a day that the school outlawed handstands. The next day, another student challenged her to a handstand contest. The teacher caught her. She was made to bend over in front of the entire school as a nun whipped her as an example to the other students. (Confirmed)

(contributed by Deidre) - Peta Wilson said in an interview that she was once spanked at a school assembly to show the other pupils that misbehaviour wasn`t tolerated. (Confirmed)

Picabo Street - (contributed by Laddie) - In the American international skier`s autobiography she mentions how her father used to make her bend over and touch her toes for `whackings.` (Confirmed)

Penny Smith - (contributed by Vic) - On GMTV during a discussion about spanking, the British TV presenter commented: `A good smack never did me any harm`.

Princess Grace of Monaco - (contributed by Jan) - In a biography it states that the Princess was spanked as a youngster by her parents with a hairbrush. (Confirmed)

(contributed by Mike) - In a biography about Princess Grace it mentions how her mother would spank her with a hairbrush. (Confirmed)

(contributed by Paul H) - On page 24 of “Grace”, Robert Lacey’s biography of Grace Kelly, it states that Grace’s mother would regularly spank Grace and her sister’s with “a sharply wielded hairbrush or the flat of her hand”. I also saw a TV biography about Grace Kelly in which one of her sister’s remarked of their mother “she certainly didn’t spare the rod and she didn’t spoil the child."

Princess Caroline of Monaco - (contributed by Jan) - In a newspaper article it was mentioned that when she was aged about 12 the Princess and her brother were spanked by Prince Ranier. The same thing was also mentioned in a book.

(contributed by Bruce) - I read in a magazine Princess Caroline comment that she would spank her children just as her parents had spanked her and her sister Princess Stephanie.

(contributed by Mike) - I saw an interview with Princess Grace years ago, in which she talked about how frequently she had to spank Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie while they were growing up. I saw Princess Caroline being interviewed by Barbara Walters, and she confirmed these spanking facts, and said that her own daughter is as resistant to spankings as she was when she was a child.

(contributed by Jim) - On page 284 of "Grace of Monaco", it was mentioned that Princess Grace took daughter Princess Caroline over her knee more than once for showing a stubborn streak.

(contributed by Jim) - In the book, Grace, Story of a Princess, it states that Grace told friends she seemed to be spanking her daughter Princess Caroline every time she turned around. Also in the book, The Royal House of Monaco, it states that both Princesses, Caroline and Stephanie, were spanked by mother Grace while growing up.

(contributed by Jim) - In the book, Grace of Monaco, (page 213) it quoted a 1957 NY Times interview with Princess Grace in which she said that despite her daughter Caroline`s Royal status she would be spanked whenever she deserved it.

Princess Stephanie of Monaco - (contributed by A Source) - In an article on The Royal Flush Website, about spanking the sometimes unruly young Princess, it quoted her mother, Princess Grace, once saying: `I could have beaten her like a gong without making her give way.`

Princess Ann - (contributed by Ethos) - The Young Princess was given an over-the-knee spanking from Prince Phillip for not putting on a cardigan when told to. She then complied.

Princess Louise - (contributed by Cinndunc) The daughter of Queen Victoria of England was spanked by The Queen.
An excerpt from "Victoria's Daughters", by Jerrold M. Packard, from page 55.
The royal children were not immune to physical punishment. while Vicky rarely merited so much as a swat, Louise received more than her share, her natural rebelliousness leading the queen or her nursery substitutes to subject this daughter to routine spankings for misbehaviour."

Paula Fox - (contributed by Cinndunc) The American Author recalls being spanked growing up in her memoir, Borrowed Finery.

(Page 54) She walks in on her father sleeping with another woman. He took her from the room, then "He lighted on a chair, put me across his knees, and began to spank me."

(Page 57) One summer day I was riding in the open back of a camp truck and, egged on by the older girls, I hit a child smaller than I was...Sophie (her camp director) led me to the bathroom at the back, sat down and placed me across her lap, all this without a word. She spanked me, and I welcomed the punishment as much as I could. I had committed a bully's crime.

Priscilla Presley - (contributed by A Source) - Priscilla was given over-the-knee spankings when she was bad by former husband, rock legend Elvis Presley. Priscilla was sometimes told to wear school uniform when being punished. She was also punished sometimes in front of other female visitors at their Gracelands home.

Peggy Fleming - (contributed by Jim) - On page 129 of "the long program", the Olympic skater said she `got enough spankings growing up`.

Peggy & Patsy Lynn - (contributed by nobody) - A couple months ago I happened to be near a TV that was showing the series Crook & Chase and the guests were The Lynns (Loretta Lynn's daughters Peggy & Patsy). I wasn't really paying any attention to it, but I did hear the phrase, "We got more spankings for that growing up than for anything else." Unfortunately, I don't know what it was they said they got spanked for.

Peggy Lee - (contributed by Henry) - Peggy Lee (1950's singer) was spanked by her husband several times.

Pearl S. Buck - (contributed by RG) - The author told in her book, My Several Worlds, of a whipping she got from her father for telling a lie.

Phyllis Logan - (contributed by ?) - In a newspaper interview before her debut on the school based TV series Hope and Glory, the Scottish actress said: "I am of a generation where schools were issued with leather belts. One teacher belted the whole class of thirty. I was about three quarters of the way down the queue and could see her working herself into a lather as she hit everyone across the hands. By the time she got to me I got a real thwack - I can almost still feel it." She described some of the belts as being very stiff and said: "they left a real welt on your wrists." (Confirmed)

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